CID Group Case Study

Completing in-depth reviews and assessments to protect an organisation’s assets.


Services provided


The objective 

Specialising in the civil engineering sector, CID Group is a leading national distribution company that prides itself on exceptional products and premium customer service. Due to their ongoing success and growth, they recently underwent a significant expansion of their facilities.  

To meet increasing output requirements, they came to us in the process of acquiring a large, 81,000sqf distribution centre. Our support proved critical in them completing this exciting acquisition promptly, and with complete confidence, peace of mind and protection from costly repairs in the future. 


The challenge  

While acquiring the new distribution centre, CID Group wanted to make sure they fully understood and documented the existing condition of the site. This way, they could minimise any obligations for repairs and avoid unnecessary time or financial costs later down the line.  

To protect themselves should the worst ever happen, they also wanted a thorough assessment of the costs required to rebuild the site. With an accurate rebuild valuation, they could make sure they were fully insured in the event of total loss.  


The solution 

To meet these essential requirements, our team completed both a Photographic Schedule of Condition (SOC) and Reinstatement Cost Assessment (RCA) on behalf of the client.  

Our first port of call was to perform a detailed review of the draft lease, identify the relevant covenants and complete a thorough site inspection. Then, using high-resolution drone photography, we were able to create a full and detailed Photographic Schedule of Condition. This in-depth document gathered extensive evidence on the site’s condition at the beginning of the lease, reducing the client’s repair obligations in the future. Through a collection of photographs and written data, we successfully captured the condition of every corner of the building within a single, accessible report.  

Following this, we completed a Reinstatement Cost Assessment to support the client’s insurance requirements. As the facility is so large, total loss could prove detrimental. Therefore, it was critical for us to pass over an accurate and reliable rebuild valuation.  


The outcome 

CID Group could complete the acquisition process, confident that the building condition was accurately documented at the beginning of the lease. Moving forward, this evidence can be used to limit their dilapidation liability. Additionally, thanks to our full rebuild valuation, they have complete peace of mind that they are appropriately insured in case of total loss. 

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