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Reinstatement Cost Assessment (RCA)


It’s never nice to think of the worst happening, but in case it ever does, you want to be fully protected.  

A Reinstatement Cost Assessment (RCA) provides you with an accurate, up-to-date valuation for rebuilding your site to its original condition. Having an RCA ensures your site is properly insured against damage or destruction at the hands of hazards such as fire or floods.  

Throughout this process, our expert surveyors consider several factors to build a full picture of what a full or partial rebuild would look like. This might include the size, age, location and materials used on the building. We then research current market conditions, construction costs and labour rates to calculate an estimate cost required to return the property to its previous condition.  


What we offer: 

– An accurate, thorough rebuild valuation that fully reflects the requirements of your site. 

– Peace of mind that you’re appropriately insured should the worst ever happen.  

– The option of a repeat RCA service to keep on top of any property changes, or fluctuating costs and market conditions.  





What are Dilapidations?

Dilapidations are breaches of the lease agreement regarding repair obligations. Dilapidations typically relate to the condition of a property at the end of a lease term and include any disrepair, damage, or neglect that a tenant is responsible for rectifying under the terms of their lease.  


What we do

At Kelham Concept, we assist both landlords and tenants in representing and negotiating dilapidations.

For landlords, we assess the property’s condition, compile a schedule of dilapidations (Scott schedule) detailing the required repairs that the tenant must implement, and negotiate with the tenant for a positive outcome. We ensure our client’s interests are protected and that the property is repaired to its original condition (or that the landlord is appropriately compensated for any damages).

For tenants, we review the schedule of dilapidations, advise on the validity and extent of the claims, and negotiate to minimise liabilities. When we work with tenants, we aim to achieve fair and reasonable settlements that consider all factors, such as the lease terms, the property’s condition at the beginning of the lease, and the tenant’s repairing obligations.

Throughout our dilapidation process, we strive to facilitate constructive dialogue between landlords and tenants to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes while ensuring both parties fulfil their legal and contractual obligations. 


What we offer: 

– Working on behalf of landlords or tenants to ensure quick and simple repair negotiations.  

– Fair and reasonable settlements that consider all aspects of the lease, property, and contractual obligations.  

– Confidence that your best interests are being protected at the end of your lease.  



Party Wall etc. Act 1996


The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 is UK legislation designed to resolve disputes arising from the construction, renovation or alteration of buildings that share a boundary. The act outlines procedures for serving notices, obtaining consent, and resolving disputes between property owners regarding party walls, boundaries and other related issues. To ensure your construction projects can move forward without delays or unnecessary conflict, we’ll work closely with you to follow this guidance and work collaboratively with neighbouring property owners.  

We promote productive and transparent communication from the onset between you and neighbouring owners. Acting as impartial mediators, we clearly outline the proposed building works, how it may affect shared boundaries, and strive to reach optimal resolutions – all while protecting the interests of all parties involved.  


What we offer: 

– Bespoke advice on the requirement of the party wall; we’ll review your drawings and advise whether the Party Wall Act applies to your project. 

– Reduce delays by maintaining productive, transparent communication with neighbouring property owners.  

– Expert knowledge and experience of navigating complex party wall conflicts and negotiations.  



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