Pre-acquisition survey


When purchasing a property, you want complete confidence that you’re making the right decision for you or your business.  

Our detailed pre-acquisition surveys help you understand exactly what you’re getting into with a certain property. It’ll uncover any structural defects, building issues or potential problems that might cost you in repairs or diminish the property’s value over time.  

From here, we’ll present our findings and work with you to ensure you’re making the best decision for your short- and long-term goals. Our findings can prove valuable when negotiating the purchase price, budgeting for future repairs, or calling off a purchase altogether.  


What we offer: 

– Confidence that you’re making the right choice with your acquisitions.  

– Insights to help strengthen your price negotiations.  

– A full understanding of the needs and requirements of a property prior to your purchase.  



Schedule of Condition (SOC)


A Schedule of Condition (SOC) is an effective way to protect all parties involved in lease agreements, construction contracts, or property transactions.  

At its simplest, a SOC is a detailed record of the condition of a property at a specific point in time. Combining written descriptions and photographic evidence, it clearly sets out the property’s structural integrity, fixtures and fittings, as well as any overt defects, damages, or issues.  

At Kelham Concept, we use advanced high-level access equipment to make sure we fully capture the condition of your property. Once we’ve compiled our finished report, it will help you to mitigate disputes and fairly assign responsibilities for repairs or damages to the appropriate party.  


What we offer: 

– A clear report of a property’s baseline condition.  

– Advanced technology and equipment to accurately capture a property’s current state.  

– Written and visual data to help mitigate disputes over repair obligations.  



Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

To minimise disruption and unexpected costs, why not take a proactive approach to property maintenance? Rather than waiting for issues to arise, we’ll work with you to identify and resolve potential issues before they escalate.  

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) surveys involve a systematic inspection of properties. We’ll regularly assess the condition of your property and its systems, with the aim of uncovering issues before they develop into costly repairs or failure. After these assessments, we’ll help you to develop proactive maintenance strategies to maximise the lifespan of your assets, minimise forced downtime and reduce overall maintenance costs. 

Having worked with several large educational trusts and universities to protect their vast property estates, our expert team are well-versed to help you preserve the value, safety, and efficiency of your assets long into the future.  


What we offer: 

– Routine inspections to assess the value and efficiency of your assets. 

– Minimise downtime and maintenance costs by taking a proactive approach to property maintenance.  

– Greater longevity, productivity, and value for your properties and estate. 



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